Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reinventing: Me

So here is what happened.

I created this blog to talk about my Pack adventures. I find writing to be a stress relieving outlet and I enjoy it.

As it happens, my best friend in the whole-wide world got sick. I spent four months attempting in vain to beat an unbeatable condition - using this vehicle to somehow make sense of it all until the very end. Then, it became a safe place for me to mourn and basically feel sorry for myself over the course of the next 12 months, subjecting the blogosphere to my bitter and whoa-is-me battology.

But I am more than that.
My Pack is more than that.
And Riley is a happy memory.

I've since earned a BS in Business Management and an AA in Accounting. The loans of which have resulted in the basic undoing of my social life, but I digress.

My beautiful, intelligent, unique, creative, inspiring, athletic, outspoken, silly little Bird is graduating from High School. In less than two weeks! She has espoused her place on the Autism spectrum, and, through understanding Aspergers, she has come to understand herself. Watching her mature and offering guidance during this next phase of her adolescence will create a new paradigm for us both.

D1 and I are officially divorced. And I genuinely wish her and her current brood the best.

I am still completely in love with my job and I could not ask for a better boss. Problem is I worked in earnest on my degrees and have not challenged myself professionally in nearly ten years. Fervently, I'm emerging from my little cocoon on Lake Washington to avail myself new opportunities.

Loki, as super puppy and beguiler, has completely won me over. He's smart, energetic, fun, trainable, a fantastic ball player, a superb swimmer, and! he thinks I can do no wrong.

There is a Somewhat Significant Someone in my life who has helped me redefine what friendship is and what "it's complicated" means. I'm cool with how we interact in the world, although I admit it has taken me some time to not feel as though we're in the closet. Assuming she isn't actually ashamed of me, I'm happy.

Cooking Feeding people (and searching out new recipes) is still a passion despite my self-imposed Anti Chef moniker. These days I'm more inclined to try new flavor combinations and experiment with Bird's vegetarianism then make do with cereal or the occasional grilled cheese. I have worked on not getting caught up in what anyone else thinks about the food - instead appreciating my own effort and dissecting how I might have done it differently (especially if it was crap). Expect more blogging in this arena as I'm once again infatuated with Pinterest and am branching out in the kitchen every day.

So. Here we are. I think that's a good start, don't you?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Since 5/20/2012

Dear Riley,

It's been a year now since our long battle with Megaesphogus ended, and complications from Aspirated Pneumonia stole you away from us. I try really hard not to think about that last day, or any of those heartbreaking days since you got sick, focusing instead on all the contributions you made to our lives in such a short time.

You were a beautiful, friendly, fun-loving, and playful dog; truly, my best friend, and I know you are forever with us in spirit.